ED Treatment Pills

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments that Works

Erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated. Most treatments are dependent on what is happening with a guy’s health at any given moment. The wide variety of treatment options that are available today mean that a vast majority of guys who are suffering from ED can eliminate their sexual problems for good.

Here is a look at some of the most common methods of relieving erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Treating a foundational health ailment is always the first step. There are several health conditions that can cause ED. Based on what a doctor discovers is wrong, a treatment program will address specific health conditions so that they can be corrected. The severity of any underlying condition which is causing erectile dysfunction will determine how quickly a guy’s ED can be resolved.

Oral medications for erectile dysfunction

Oral medications are one of the most common methods of impotence treatment. For guys who still have the ability to achieve an erection, but are unable to do it on a consistent basis, one of the most effective treatment options today is the use of an oral medication.

ED Treatment Pills
Erectile Dysfunction treatment pills.
There are three basic types of medication that are prescribed today for men with ED.

  • Viagra.
  • Cialis.
  • Levitra.

These oral medications all work in a similar fashion. They create conditions within the body where the effects of nitric oxide are enhanced. This creates a situation where the body is able to produce an increased level of blood flow and have better overall circulation. The better blood flow helps to fill the chambers of the penis to create a stiffer erection. Before taking any medications like this, however, it is important for a doctor to evaluate your complete medical history so that the medicine can be taken safely.

Injections – ED Cure

Medications that are injected can also provide relief. One form of ED medication needs to be injected directly into the side of the penis. A very small needle is used for this treatment, so most guys don’t experience much pain during the injection. After the injection has been completed, an erection will generally last for about 60 minutes. Bleeding can sometimes happen at the injection site and the development of fibrous tissues may occur after long-term use.

Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Pumps make a very viable option for certain men. For guys who are suffering from Peyronie’s disease and don’t want to take the surgical option, pumps can help create a straighter penis that is less affected by the thicker tissues caused by the disease. Over time, and with daily pumping, the disease can actually be resolved without surgery. There are air and water based options available for pumping today based on personal preferences.

Penis Implants

Implants might also become a viable option. This is a surgical option which places two devices on the each side of the penis. These devices have rods and an inflatable mechanism which will help guys be able to control how long they are able to have a successful erection. This option, however, is often considered a last resort. It’s used when no other method of treating ED has been successful.

Do I need Surgery?

In rare cases of erectile dysfunction, what is causing the problem for the guy is a leaking or blocked blood vessel. In this instance, removing the block or fixing the leak through surgery can eliminate the ED issues on a permanent basis.

Counseling for Impotence

CBT counseling has also been found to be very effective. Cognitive behavioral therapies help men be able to identify thinking errors or patterns that could be causing emotional blocks and ultimately their ED. Sometimes counseling is encouraged or recommended even though there is also a physical cause for the erectile dysfunction. By being able to work through the stresses of this issue and find new coping skills, thinking patterns can be adjusted and any psychological issues may be reduced so that a healthy sexual life can be enjoyed once again.

Topical medication

There are a wide variety of creams, lotions, and other topical medications that can be applied to a guy’s manhood to encourage an erection. These generally need to have some time to work so that a sexual partner is not also affected by the medication. The benefit of using these topical methods is that they generally have the fewest amount of side effects. Although results can vary from guy to guy, this is usually a first-line treatment.

Hormone Therapies

Hormone therapies have been effective in guys with low-T. Low testosterone levels can also cause erectile dysfunction. By prescribing a hormone therapy, many guys with this issue can have their ED issues completely relieved. For guys who don’t want an injection, suppository and under the arm treatments are also available.

Alternative Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Homeopathic methods of treatment may also find ED relief. Although medical studies have yet to conclusively prove that alternative treatments can relieve ED symptoms, many guys have found relief in this category of treatment when no other treatments have been successful. There are four basic alternative medicine techniques that are used to treat ED right now.

  • Acupuncture.
  • Korean red ginseng.
  • DHEA.
  • L-arginine.

Many of the alternative treatments for ED are completely safe. The reason why there are some risks with alternative medicines is because a few of them may interact with the current medications a guy might be taking. One of the most common risks is to take an alternative form of ED treatment while also taking statins for a heart disease issue. The alternative treatments may interfere with the statins and this can cause low blood pressure that is extremely dangerous.

Effective Home remedies

A number of men suffer from erectile dysfunction because of their lifestyle habits. By changing a few habits, such as smoking less, losing weight, or getting more exercise, their erectile dysfunction issues can be eliminated over time. Something as simple as working through a relationship issue or drinking less alcohol over the course of a week can improve ED problems very quickly.

Guys don’t have to accept life erectile dysfunction any more. By taking on an appropriate treatment program that addresses all of their needs, ED issues can disappear. If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction right now, then take a look at these treatment methods and then discuss them with your doctor. Together you will be able to come up with a comprehensive plan of action.

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